G-Dragon’s Full-Body Shave: Evidence Reveals It’s His Habit, Not an Attempt to Evade Drug Test

G-Dragon, who is under suspicion of drug use, underwent police investigation with his full body shaved, excluding the head

According to legal sources on November 10th, G-Dragon voluntarily appeared at the Incheon Police Narcotics Crime Investigation Unit on November 6th for suspicion of drug offenses under the Act on the Management of Narcotics.

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The simple reagent test conducted on G-Dragon at that time was negative. The police attempted to collect G-Dragon’s hair and other body hair for a precise examination at the National Forensic Service. However, he had shaved most of his body except for his hair.

 g dragon

Instead of other body hair, the police collected G-Dragon’s hair and nails and sent them to the National Institute of Scientific Investigation on November 7th. They are currently awaiting the results of the precise examination.

It is not uncommon for celebrities facing drug investigations to engage in hair shaving or bleaching as evidence destruction. 

In 2019, Park Yoochun also expressed his willingness to voluntarily attend the investigation while claiming innocence regarding drug use suspicions.

However, it was later revealed that Park Yoochun, who even held a press conference and pleaded innocence, attempted evidence destruction by removing his body hair. 

park yoo chun

Although Park Yoochun showed negative reactions in hair and urine tests, he later admitted to drug charges. At that time, he was sentenced to 10 months in prison with a suspended sentence of 2 years.

However, G-Dragon’s situation is different from Park Yoochun’s. G-Dragon stated during the police investigation, “I have always been shaving regularly,” denying that he had shaved before the investigation. 

In fact, in April of this year, just before the allegations arose, G-Dragon was photographed at the airport wearing shorts, and his legs appeared clean with no hair. In past photos where his legs and other parts were exposed, most of his body appeared very smooth.

Source: naver