GD’s reps adamantly deny all accusations of shaving his body before drug testing

 Article: G-Dragon reps deny accusations of destroying evidence “Shaved his entire body? Unfounded rumors”

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Source: YTN via Naver

[+540, -52] Never thought I’d see the day that the actual police are the ones doing media play ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ they were running around the media talking big talk without any evidence, no wonder they got all their warrants dismissed

[+369, -57] There’s already another news article saying they tested everything from his nails, hair, and private hair. Why are people bothering with making up fake news like this? Is GD not a citizen of our country who deserves a fair trial?

[+309, -10] Why does the police keep running their mouth before results have even been released? Just do your investigations and wait for the results.

[+133, -39] His hair is already long enough for the tests, who cares if he shaves the rest of his body anyway? And he clarified that he actually didn’t even shave so the police were just straight up lying.

[+164, -94] Find strength, Kwon Jiyong

[+47, -5] No one cares about the facts anymore, just witch hunting someone’s career to death..

[+40, -7] Wow, look how easy it is to kill someone off. Find strength, Kwon Jiyong. It’d be weird if someone didn’t go insane under all of this scrutiny.

[+35, -6] Kwon Jiyong testified to the police that he normally shaves on the regularly but clarified that he hasn’t since the reports of him being booked. There was no destruction of evidence here.

[+29, -3] I mean, what more do the police want from him? They lacked evidence to even summon him in the first place so he voluntarily stepped up to submit himself for evidence and now they’re trying to paint him as destroying evidence? It’s sad that we can’t even trust the news anymore.

[+30, -7] Shaving the body is completely normal for male celebrities but I guess the police thought it was odd for a man to and went straight to thinking he was destroying evidence. Isn’t hair from his head or legs enough anyway? Seems the police are just leaking anything to the media after getting their warrants dismissed.

[+21, -3] People are going crazy… what makes this any different from TaJinYo?

[+19, -2] Shaved where?… You can see just in the pictures alone that he still has his stubble, eyebrows, and head of hair to upll from

[+18, -3] The police need to knock this off… they’re going to be even more ridiculed once the results come back negative. 

[+14, -4] I don’t know why people are so desperate to frame him as a druggie in the first place. His questioning was already days ago, and if he truly shaved himself down for it, this news should’ve broken out way later. The police obviously know that they’re in hot waters so they’re trying to play with the media to get people on their side. I’m not a GD fan but I really hope he tests negative and gives a big finger to everyone who wanted to wrong him.

Source: Insight + Wikitree via Instagram

[+838] GD’s lawyers already put out a clarification that he hasn’t bleached his hair in over a year, and that he’s already submitted hair, urine, finger and toenails and even hair from his legs, but people only want to hate, right? ㅋㅋㅋ Imagine behaving like this even after GD’s threatened lawsuits against false rumors for the first time since debut… and by the way, GD has always been open about getting Brazilian waxes since way before in his career

[+573] He has hair on his head, what does shaving body have anything to do with testing? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ he even submitted his fingernails for testing. People need to stop. 

[+297] Come on, guys, it would be weirder to imagine a hairy Kwon Jiyong ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+237] He still has a full head of long, unbleached hair, and his nails were tested as well. Many male celebrities have been open about getting Brazilian waxes, so it’s sad that people expect the absolute worst out of him like this

[+136] Seems like the police are throwing a fit. They’ve already spilled the water but don’t want to lose. Once this all comes out as negative, I hope the police chief is held responsible for this. 

[+76] Kwon’s reps said, “He did not shave his body. He can go now and submit his leg hair to the police if needed.”

[+74] If he really wanted to hide anything, he would’ve shaved his head..

[+53] Don’t most male celebrities get waxed on the regular anyway? 

[+34] All you need is hair from the head, no..? 

[+16] The facts of this case: he submitted hair from his head, nails, and private hair. The media made it sound as if GD couldn’t submit anything for testing just because he shaved his arms and legs.