(G)I-DLE Faces Controversy as 19+ Lyrics Stir Debate and Spark Part Distribution Dispute

In the upcoming broadcast of JTBC’s ‘Knowing Bros’ on the 3rd, the group (G)I-DLE, who has returned with a more powerful presence with their new song ‘Super Lady,’ will be appearing. As a group with 7 years of experience, they unleash spicy anecdotes with unstoppable wit, creating a sea of laughter on the set.

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On this day, Soyeon expressed, “I always want to bring change, so it’s difficult to distribute parts,” revealing the struggles of being a producer. Following this, Minnie, known as the ‘Introduction Fairy’ who had consistently handled the intros in (G)I-DLE’s songs, shares, “I was disappointed not to be in charge of the intro in the new song ‘Super Lady,’” revealing a behind-the-scenes story.


As other members express their regrets about the distribution of parts in the new song, the hosts playfully ask, “Won’t the member who expressed dissatisfaction lose their part in the next song?” Soyeon cleverly responds, “I’ll check on that,” bringing laughter to the scene.

Moreover, on this day, Minnie actively played the role of the ‘Nagging Fairy,’ taking the time to uncover everything from things she didn’t understand during the 7 years with the members to questions she had been curious about. In particular, Minnie raises curiosity by stating, “I’m curious whether Yuqi brings a rabbit doll every time she goes overseas for a concert, is it a concept?” capturing everyone’s attention.

You can witness the upgraded entertainment skills and lively performances of the powerful returning (G)I-DLE on JTBC’s ‘Knowing Bros’ at 8:50 PM on the 3rd.

Source: naver