(G)I-DLE Finds Hilarious Way To Make Up For Soyeon’s Absence in University Music Festival Performance

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(G)I-DLE member Soyeon was absent during the group’s latest university music festival performance, but the group found the best way to make up for the absence!

On May 30, 2024, (G)I-DLE performed at the Hansung University Music Festival. Sadly, Soyeon was unable to join the group since she was not feeling well. Instead, the crowd warmly welcomed the other four members of the group: Shuhua, Minnie, Yuqi, and Miyeon.

As (G)I-DLE’s main rapper, leader, vocalist, and central figure, Soyeon has a large number of parts. In fact, she is the member with the most lines across all of (G)I-DLE’s discography. In their latest album, “2,” Soyeon has a lot of lines, especially in their latest title track, “Super Lady.”

Soyeon is in charge of the intro of the song. Her high-pitched singing is considered the hook of the whole song. Therefore, her absence would definitely be felt if they were to just perform without Soyeon.

However, (G)I-DLE made sure to fill in the gap in the most hilarious way!

During the start of “Super Lady,” the girls seek a replacement for Soyeon in the audience. They set their eyes on a male festival-goer and ask them to try singing Soyeon’s line before they start performing. He sings her line and despite being off-tune, the members immediately select him to cover Soyeon’s parts.

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He appears to hesitate for other parts of the song, but as Minnie and Yuqi look at him and cheer him on, he is able to complete Soyeon’s intro!

Fans initially thought the man was a staff member, but it is likely they asked a student or festival-goer to cover Soyeon’s lines.

This is not the first time (G)I-DLE got creative with a missing member. During a performance of “Fate” in March, the girls used a bear wearing a wig and dressed in a school uniform to cover up for Shuhua, who was in Taiwan during her health hiatus.

In April, (G)I-DLE made up for Yuqi’s absence during a concert by replacing her with a lookalike backup dancer. The dancer had the same blonde hair as Yuqi but used a scarf to block her face.

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