(G)I-DLE Minnie Stuns Neverlands With Sexy Bikini Photos — But Fans Are Worried For THIS Reason

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Neverlands were both stunned and worried about the idol’s post.

On the social media platform Instagram, Minnie surprised Neverlands by posting several photos showing her in a sexy bikini, flaunting her flawless figure and confidence. Minnie also added a caption saying, “Salt in the air, sand in my hand.

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The photos also went viral on other platforms and communities, as Neverlands were wowed by the singer’s figure and allure.  Fans in the comments section couldn’t hold back their praises for the idol, as they raved over Minnie’s beauty, outfit, and presence. Read their comments below:

  • “I’ve got heatstroke now, she’s way too hot.”
  • “You are so gorgeous, Minnie!”
  • “I haven’t seen someone more mother than Minnie y’all.”
  • “The prettiest girl, Minnie!”
  • “MiuMiu is the luckiest brand to have this hot woman as their ambassador.”
  • “I can’t breathe, she’s so hot.”
  • “Minnie, you are so beautiful!”
  • “Excuse me, Ms. Kim Minnie?”
  • “Minnie, will you marry me?”
  • “What about our sanity, Minnie?”
  • “Oh Kim Nicha Yontararak Minnie, the woman you are!”

The photos also sparked reactions on X (Twitter), where Neverlands expressed their compliments and shock at Minnie’s beach photos.

However, back in her Instagram comments, some netizens conveyed their worries for the idol’s health. Amid the praise Minnie was receiving online, some pointed out that Minnie looked “skinny” in the photos and specifically mentioned her exposed ribs.

Fans were also advising the idol to eat more and gain weight, while others encouraged her to take care of her health. Here’s what they said:

  • “Kimmy! Your ribs are running out! Give me some weight.”
  • “Baby your ribs are horrible, eat more.”
  • “Baby, you’re so pretty, but you’re too skinny.”
  • “Minnie, come to my house to eat. I’ll cook you a 16-pack side dish. I need to lose some weight, Nicha Yontararak!”
  • “I’m worried that she’s too thin.”
  • “Minnie unnie is so thin, but her beauty does not change.”
  • “Minnie, are you okay? My poor girl, I love you.”
  • “Why is my Minnie so skinny? Don’t get sick.”
  • “You’re so dry baby, please eat a lot.”
  • “Minnie, Please eat more, Your bones are visible, But hey, I’m not saying you look bad.” I’m just worried about your health, I hope for better things!”

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