(G)I-DLE Soyeon Net Worth 2024: Idol Reveals She Earned 1 Billion KRW in 1 Month

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Is Soyeon the richest member of (G)I-DLE? Following her recent confession of earning 1 billion KRW in a month, netizens showed interest in her current net worth. 

Earlier on July 10, Soyeon met Lee Young Ji for a YouTube web content where she talked about her income.

In particular, Young Ji asked: 

“How much do you earn in a month, unnie?”

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She candidly replied:

“If I divide a year into 12 months and calculate the statistics, can I do that? You earn a lot, too.” 

Lee refuted this and said:

“I have a lot of ups and downs.” 

When Jeon Soyeon said the same thing, Lee Young Ji then rephrased her question, saying:

“Then how much is your highest income?”

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In response, Jeon confessed:

“If I do really well, I can earn up to 1 billion won (about 770k USD) a month, and if I don’t, I can earn 100,000 won ($73), and things like that.” 

Following this revelation, K-pop fans were impressed by the wealth Soyeon is acquiring, and they agreed with Lee Young Ji that they think Soyeon downplayed her real earnings.

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Given that Young Ji is also talking about the earnings from copyright fees as a songwriter, netizens wonder about Soyeon’s income as a K-pop idol, fashion icon and model as well. 

According to various sources, Jeon Soyeon’s net worth is between $3 to USD 5 million. For a fourth-gen idol, this is relatively high since the usual net worth of female idols is marked at USD 1 million. 

Most of her earnings come from her royalties as a songwriter and music producer/composer of (G)I-DLE and her solo songs. She also made songs for other artists including JBJ’s “Say My Name,” CLC’s “No,” SHINee Key’s “I Wanna Be” and more. 

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It is expected that her net worth will become even higher with the high reception of its 2024 (G)I-DLE World Tour (iDOL) which will kick off in August starting in Seoul. 

As of now, the 2-day Seoul concert set to be held on Aug. 3 and 4 is sold out. This is the same case for its Hong Kong concert (Aug. 24-25) and Tokyo concert (Aug. 31 & Sept. 1). 

Due to their in-demand concert in Hong Kong, the group announced an additional date for August 23 and after opening the ticket selling, it also sold out immediately. 

Meanwhile, (G)I-DLE, who made a comeback with their 7th mini album “I SWAY” on the 8th, will be performing their first comeback stage on Mnet’s “M Countdown” on the 11th.