(G)I-DLE’s Constant Health Issues Ring Alarms Among Fans

On June 1, Cube Entertainment announced that (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon will be taking a break from schedules due to health issues. 

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It is known that the very next day, (G)I-DLE will be flying to Macau for a fansign event, and Cube claimed that they will prioritize the artist’s health. However, the very same night, member Minnie was spotted with a water transmission mark on her arm, suggesting that the female idol is facing health concerns as well. 

Seeing this, many fans have raised concern about the health status of (G)I-DLE members, recalling that since the end of 2023, they have been constantly facing issues. 


In particular, back in late 2023, the entire (G)I-DLE had to take pills to perform on stage, and Minnie had to leave in the middle of the group’s performance because she was unable to stand. 

Then, 2 days before the promotions for “Super Lady”, Minnie and Yuqi were hospitalized due to exhaustion and sudden high fevers. Additionally, according to Minnie at the time, she has been suffering from insomnia, to the point of only being able to sleep for 1-2 hours a night, for over 2 years. 

Yuqi also admitted to having migraines and eating issues, to the point of vomiting everything she ate. At times, her gaze even became unfocused to the point of being unable to see. 

By the time of “Fate” promotions, Shuhua also succumbed to illness, having to take a hiatus from activities. 

Despite all of this, Cube still arranged extremely intensive schedules for the girl group, to the point of (G)I-DLE having to perform at 2 universities within just one night, and having to fly abroad the day later. 

The news about Soyeon’s health has thus added fuel to the fire, ringing alarms among fans about the serious health status of (G)I-DLE members and prompting criticisms directed at Cube. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • Yuqi’s schedules are serious concerning, she constantly have to fly back and forth between 2 countries and performing at festivals without a break
  • At this point, Miyeon is the only member without health issues… What the hell is Cube doing?
  • Cube is so useless at their job that the members have to disclose their health issues themselves
  • Since (G)I-DLE’s contract is expiring soon, Cube is trying its best to milk the group without caring about the member 

Source: K Crush