Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon Finally Breaks the Silence About SM Entertainment’s Solo Artist Selection Criteria

Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon, who recently marked her solo comeback with “Picture,” shed light on the intricate decision-making process at SM Entertainment regarding solo and group promotions.

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In an episode of “Gabee’s Rising Star,” hosted by Gabee from La Chica dance crew, the multi-talented artist provided valuable insights into the inner workings of the entertainment powerhouse.

Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon Reveals SM Entertainment’s Decision-Making Process

Hyoyeon has been actively participating in music programs, creating behind-the-scenes content for Girls’ Generation’s official YouTube channel, and making guest appearances on variety shows to promote her latest music endeavor.


(Photo : Instagram|@hyoyeon_x_x@)

During her appearance on Gabee’s show, the topic shifted to how SM Entertainment determines which artists embark on solo journeys and how they balance it with group activities.

Gabee inquired about the feasibility of group members requesting solo work and whether such requests were readily accepted by the company. Hyoyeon shared that releasing a solo album entails a substantial financial investment, a fact she anticipated.

Surprisingly, this investment is relatively equal whether it’s allocated for a group comeback or individual promotions.

Despite the financial parity, Hyoyeon noted that group comebacks tend to yield higher profits for the company, leading her to understand SM Entertainment’s inclination toward prioritizing group activities.

To make her solo endeavors more appealing to the company, Hyoyeon disclosed that she must secure numerous events and engagements to ensure profitability.

Therefore, whether an artist embarks on a solo career largely hinges on the potential profitability of their promotions for SM Entertainment.

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(Photo : Hyoyeon (Instagram))

Hyoyeon emphasized her dedication to reciprocate the company’s loyalty throughout her seven-year training period and 16-plus years as a Girls’ Generation member, as well as in supporting her solo pursuits.

She concluded that while SM Entertainment considers profitability in their decision-making process, the conglomerate ultimately respects the artist’s will and passion, providing unwavering support.

Hyoyeon’s candid revelations offer a unique glimpse into the intricate dynamics of the K-pop industry and the careful balance between solo and group promotions.

Meanwhle,Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon, a prominent member of the legendary girl group, has made a surprising confession that has left fans and netizens shook.