Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon Weighs In On K-Pop’s ‘Generation’ Levels: ‘Why Are They…’

Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon chatted with Apink Bomi about the generation in K-pop, and how they feel about it.

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On June 5, 2024, the latest episode of “Hyo’s Level Up” was uploaded to YouTube. On this day, Bomi of Apink appeared as a guest. As they spoke, the topic of K-pop generations came up.

Hyoyeon noted that Bomi has been in the industry for more than ten years and that right now, K-pop is in either the fourth or fifth generation. This led Bomi to clarify if she and Hyoyeon were part of the second generation of K-pop.

Hyoyeon said yes, noting that first-generation idol groups consisted of acts like H.O.T., Sechskies, Fin.K.L, and S.E.S. They are the generation that came after such iconic groups.

Being called second-generation surprised both Bomi and Hyoyeon, with Bomi noting that being called second-generation makes her feel old. To this, Hyoyeon agreed and questioned why K-pop fans insisted on separating groups into generations and making people feel old.

She joked that they are not like Apple who use first or second generation to describe their products.

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Bomi noted that when she hears talks about first or second generation, she loses her temper a bit. Hyoyeon confessed that she did not like being called the second generation that much, as it made her feel like a gadget rather than an idol.

Bomi, on the other hand, stated she wished she was included in the third generation, but still liked being part of the second generation of K-pop.

Korean netizens who saw the video noted how funny Hyoyeon is, but also agreed with her point. They claimed that separating idols into generations is just a marketing ploy, as companies want their idols to be called “the top of the generation” or “the first of the generation.”

Girls' Generation Hyoyeon Weighs In On K-Pop's 'Generation' Levels: 'Why Are They...'
Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon Weighs In On K-Pop’s ‘Generation’ Levels: ‘Why Are They…’
(Photo : Hyoyeon Instagram)

Many believed that K-pop acts should not be divided into generations, noting that the divide has gotten ambiguous.

Some comments read:

  • “LOL!”
  • “I burst out laughing while eating my kimbap.”
  • “This is marketing so that they can make their idols look successful.”
  • “They are just separating idols into generations because they want their idols to be the top of their generation.”
  • “Seriously, it’s all just marketing. It’s not like these idols are retiring, and most are still promoting now.”
  • “That’s what I was saying. When I first heard about the generations, I reacted the same way. Why are they being divided?”
  • “Hyoyeon’s channel is hilarious.”
  • “I also thought the same way. Why do we need to divide them into generations? The divide has gotten so ambiguous.”
  • “She’s right. What even is ‘fifth gen’?”
  • “Apple LOL! She’s right!”

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