Girls’ Generation Taeyeon Comforted by SONEs After Admitting ‘Burnout’ From Hectic Schedules

Concerned SONEs have sent their comforting words to Taeyeon, who admitted feeling signs of “burnout” due to her busy schedule.

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Here’s what happened.

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon Startles SONEs with Burnout Confessions

On March 15, SONEs were stormed across platform X (Twitter) due to one of Taeyeon’s messages.

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(Photo : Taeyeon Instagram)

According to posts online, Taeyeon messaged her fans through Bubble and confessed to being “burnt out” from her hectic schedules over the past months. Taeyeon also opened up about her feelings of confusion and aimlessness during 2023.

Taeyeon shared that she was relieved to be able to share these intimate feelings with SONEs and that she felt apologizing for the message. Lastly, the “INVU” singer assured everyone with a hopeful note by declaring her love for SONEs.

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(Photo : Instagram: @taeyeon_ss)

Read her full message below:

“I love you today too. Today, I will cheer up and do it meaningfully while thinking of SONEs. My TikTok debut, how was it? I’m still adapting to TikTok.

It’s hard to keep up (with the trends) these days. Honestly, I’ve been confused for the past few months, like a burnout (a sudden confession). As you love those kinds of moments can happen to anyone.

After the concert last year (2023), even though a lot of time had passed by, I was confused about life and work, and I didn’t know where to focus my mind on. I’m wandering around, not knowing what to do and I’m trying, I must always return to my job.

I feel a little comfortable with the fact that I’m able to share this with SONEs. But on the other hand, I want to say I’m sorry. I’ll express myself diligently as soon as I get an inspiration.

I love you SONE, thank you for always being my strength, SONE.”

SONEs were in tears with Taeyeon’s message, which led them to send their words of comfort. Some hoped that Taeyeon would soon receive the break she needed, while others commended the idol for being able to show vulnerability to her fans.

Girls' Generation Taeyeon Comforted by SONEs After Admitting 'Burnout' From Hectic Schedules
(Photo : Instagram: @taeyeon_ss)

Read their reactions below:

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