‘GISELLE DESERVES BETTER’: This is Why MYs Are Demanding Better Treatment for aespa Member

MYs are trending “GISELLE DESERVES BETTER,” among other hashtags, to demand better treatment for the aespa member.

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This year, the solo activities of the aespa members have increased significantly. All the members represent brands, and Ningning, Karina, and Giselle all attended Fashion Week shows. Though the activities have increased, it appears they are not being treated equally, as MYs have started demanding better treatment for Giselle.

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Why are aespa Fans trending ‘GISELLE DESERVES BETTER’?

On April 16, 2024, MYs took to X (formerly Twitter) to trend “GISELLE DESERVES BETTER” alongside the hashtags “#RESPECTFORGISELLE,” “#TREATGISELLEFAIRLY,” and “GISELLEDESERVESBETTER.”

Irritation stems from the fact that SM Entertainment has not released a behind-the-scenes vlog of Giselle’s photo shoot with Elle Korea. Previously, it was revealed that Giselle was the cover girl for Elle Korea in March. The idol shared photos of her photoshoot with the publication on her Instagram.

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It is customary for SM Entertainment to release footage from the shoot to the artist’s official YouTube channel. For example, they shared a vlog for Karina’s photo shoot with CHIC. The fact that they did not release one for Giselle has sparked backlash among fans.


Additionally, SM Entertainment also did not release a vlog for Giselle’s attendance at Paris Fashion Week. In March, she attended the Loewe fashion show and was named their global brand ambassador that same month. Despite that, the company did not release a vlog for her.

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Meanwhile, SM Entertainment released a vlog for Ningning during her appearance at Versace’s show for Milan Fashion Week in March.


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Due to these instances of injustice, fans are demanding that Giselle be treated equally with the other members. Currently, SM Entertainment has not released a statement on the matter, nor have they fixed fans’ worries.

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aespa Recent Activities

On January 9, 2024, SM Entertainment revealed that aespa would be dropping a remake of “Regret of the Times,” originally by Seo Taiji and Boys. The remake was officially released on January 15.

'GISELLE DESERVES BETTER': This is Why MYs Are Demanding Better Treatment for aespa Member
‘GISELLE DESERVES BETTER’: This is Why MYs Are Demanding Better Treatment for aespa Member
(Photo : aespa on X)

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