Give Me That MV Review: WayV Asks for Love in This Pop Dance Anthem

NCT has been on a winning streak this year, consistently making comebacks one after another. Today marks a highly anticipated moment for fans as WayV, the fourth subunit of NCT, returns with their fifth mini album. Their title track, Give Me That MV is a treat for fans who have eagerly awaited this moment. The track seamlessly blends elements of the past and present, achieving remarkable success.

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Give Me That MV Review

The music video opens with a captivating scene where all five members—Kun, Ten, Xiaojun, Hendery, and Yangyang—sit for an audition, setting the stage for the electrifying journey ahead. Regrettably, Winwin’s absence due to his drama schedule is felt, but the remaining members shine brightly, delivering a performance that captivates from start to finish.

Give Me That is a pop dance anthem that instantly hooks listeners with its infectious melody and vibrant brass sounds layered over funky old-school drum beats. From the first verse, it’s evident that the song is a refreshing take on love, skillfully showcasing the members’ vocal prowess while infusing energetic funk elements that resonate with the group’s signature style.

As the song unfolds, the lyrics echo this longing, with phrases like “let’s get close, something feels changed, right?” and “something in the air has changed,” evoking a sense of anticipation and desire. Each member’s vocal delivery adds depth to these sentiments, their voices conveying a spectrum of emotions—from vulnerability to determination.

Against a backdrop of pulsating beats and infectious melodies, WayV members channel their collective energy into a plea for affection. The song’s energetic funk elements serve as a backdrop for their heartfelt appeals, creating a sonic landscape that’s both dynamic and emotionally resonant.

Throughout the music video, we see the members engaging in captivating choreography, their movements infused with passion and urgency. Whether through solo shots or mesmerizing group formations, each dance sequence serves as a visual metaphor for their quest for love, a universal language that transcends words.

It’s truly a moment of delight to observe SM Entertainment affording WayV the space and opportunity to explore the realm of Korean music and versions. This latest release serves as a testament to their exceptional talents, showcasing not only their proficiency in Chinese but also their remarkable skill in mastering the nuances of the Korean language and music scene.

Ultimately, Give Me That is more than just a song—it’s a heartfelt plea from WayV to be seen, heard, and loved. With its irresistible blend of infectious beats and sincere lyrics, this track is sure to resonate with listeners who have ever felt the pull of longing in their own hearts.

Watch The WayV Give Me That MV Below

YouTube video

WayV 5th mini album Give Me That is now available on all music platforms.

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