Go Hyun Jung Starts YouTube Channel + Reveals Why She ‘Hates Selfies’

Go Hyun Jung is getting more active on social media as the top star launches her own YouTube channel.

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After opening her official Instagram, the South Korean star jumped on the bandwagon and joined a number of celebrities who have their own channels.

Officially launched on May 10, Go Hyun Jung is happy to share a glimpse of her daily life with fans by sharing behind-the-scenes contents.

Go Hyun Jung
(Photo : Netflix Korea Official)

“I’m really worried. But I gathered my courage with gratitude to you all. Let’s be happy together,” the actress captioned her post, expressing that she is having second thoughts on going to YouTube.

Go Hyun Jung’s First Vlog

For her first vlog, the “Mask Girl” star showed her personal space, where she was surrounded by tons of books in what seemed like a living room.

Titled “Is it okay to start YouTube like this?” the actress chose to have a sit-down video with a production team where she talked about random topics-from the name of her channel to preparation for vlogs and more.

Interestingly, Go Hyun Jung randomly mentioned her thoughts about taking selfies.

The team asked her, “If I ask you to take a selfie, can you do it well?”

The actress revealed that she doesn’t enjoy taking selfies, which is kind of normal these days.

“I really hate selfies,” she said, and even questioned the need for them, which confuses the team.

“Why are you taking pictures? Why are you taking pictures of yourself?”

To recall, the “Reflection of You” star surprised fans when she announced her own Instagram account.

On March 26, Go Hyun Jung happily greeted her fans with a personal SNS after 35 years since her debut.

“I’m starting Instagram. I’m embarrassed. I think I’ll regret this. It’s too difficult for me,” she captioned her post, along with a snap of her in a space filled with books.

Several celebrities, like broadcaster Kim Na Young, singer Jeong Jae Hyung, Yoon Jong Shin, and Kang Min Kyung, as well as actor Choi WonYoung, showed their support by welcoming the actress on Instagram.

After more than a month since Go Hyun Jung launched Instagram, she now boasts 227k followers and counting.

Before becoming an actress, she became known to the public as Miss Korea in 1989.

After winning beauty pageants, she started her acting career by joining the KBS drama “Love on a Jujube Tree” in 1990.

Interestingly, she made a name for herself and received responses from the public after headlining the 1995 SBS drama “Sandglass” with Lee Jung Jae.

Go Hyun Jung has continued to deliver top-notch K-drama, which includes “Spring Day,” “H.I.T.,” “My Lawyer, Mr. Jo 2: Crime and Punishment,” and more.