Gong Myung, Weki Meki’s Kim Doyeon Dating? Agencies Respond To Relationship Rumors

Gong Myung and Kim Doyeon are caught up in a dating rumor. Shortly after the news broke out, their agencies released separate statements on the matter.

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Are Gong Myung & Kim Doyeon Dating?

In an exclusive report by News Tomato, Gong Myung is reportedly in a relationship with the Weki Meki member and actress Kim Doyeon. The news also stated that they “developed good feelings.”

Gong Myung for Nylon
(Photo : Nylon)

Weki Męki Kim Doyeon
(Photo : Kim Doyeon Instagram)

In addition to this, an insider also told the outlet how they got closer.

“We understand that the relationship between the two has become closer since Doyeon recently moved out of the Weki Meki dorm.”

Both Gong Myung and the Weki Meki lead vocalist are under Fantagio and joined the agency when they were still rookies.

Not only that, but Kim Doyeon also had a special appearance in “Be Melodramatic” Episode 2, which starred Gong Myung as one of the leads.

Unfortunately, the actor left the label in 2020.

Agency Responds to Gong Myung Dating Kim Doyeon

Gong Myung
(Photo : Saram Entertainment)

Following the news regarding Gong Myung’s relationship with the K-pop star, the actor’s agency, Saram Entertainment, has denied the issue.

In a report, the talent label said that the “dating rumors are not true,” adding that the actor and Kim Doyeon “are only friends as they were seniors and juniors who were in the same agency in the past.”

The same goes for the Weki Meki member’s agency, Fantagio, who denied the issue and requested media and fans to avoid spreading rumors.

“The content of the article is not true. Please refrain from spreading or reproducing speculation and rumors about false facts.”

Gong Myung to Headline the First K-Drama After Military Discharge

The 29-year-old actor is back on K-dramaland with an upcoming series, “A Week Before I Die.” Slated to premiere in 2025, the webtoon-based series is a romance-fantasy K-drama about a woman who lost her will to live.

However, an unexpected incident happened after her childhood friend and first love, Kim Ram Woo, appeared.

“A Week Before I Die” features Gong Myung as Kim Ram Woo, who died in a car accident and mysteriously returns to life only to tell Jung Hee Wan (Kim Min Ha) that he has one week to live.