Goo Hye Sun Is The Only Female In TOP 5 Most Shameless Korean Stars Who Live Well (Seungri At No.1)

On June 10, the popular Korean online forum “DC Inside” published a list of “Shameless stars who live well despite criticism,” which was voted 17,061 times from June 3 to June 9. The results show that the top 3 most scandalous stars are Seungri, Kim Ho Joong and MC Mong respectively.

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seungri-kim ho joong-mc mong

However, the most surprising was Goo Hye Sun at 4th place. The actress is the only female star to make it into this controversial ranking, losing only to 3 criminal stars. This makes people discuss the reason behind it.

Many netizens believe that although Goo Hye Sun did not commit serious crimes such as prostitution brokering, drunk driving, and draft evasion like the TOP 3, she is hated because of her fake personality. People point out that Goo Hye Sun always plays the victim in her scandals.

goo hye sun

“Goo Hye Sun said she retired because she was always hated and misunderstood as an actress”, “Goo Hye Sun was sued by her ex-husband Ahn Jae Hyun for defamation of character”, “Goo Hye Sun was sued for falsely accusing a female actress of being her husband’s mistress” are a few article titles that have been made about the actress in the past years. Recently, Goo also made headlines for showing herself poor and miserable on television while she is actually building a villa and houses for her family members.

Goo Hye Sun

Netizens believe Goo Hye Sun did not admit her mistakes when she was exposed for lying and playing the victim. Goo Hye Sun blamed the media for misleading information and insinuated that the public did not understand her joke. After quitting acting on her own and affecting an entire film crew, Goo Hye Sun cited health reasons and disappeared for a while. These are believed to be the reasons behind her ranking in the shameless star list.