Goo Kyo Hwan Hesitant to Work With THIS Veteran Host: ‘I Was Worried About Dating Scandal’

Goo Kyo Hwan expressed his honest thoughts about working with seniors and veterans in the industry. 

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Throughout his acting career, the versatile star has played different kinds of roles, from villain to protagonist, and has joined a variety of genres but still managed to showcase impeccable performances. 

During his interview with “Escape” co-star Lee Je Hoon, Goo Kyo Hwan talks about his working relationships with fellow actors and his fear of being caught up in a dating scandal. 

The “Escape” lead stars appeared as guests in “Salon Drip” season 3, hosted by Jang Do Yeon, to discuss their experience filming the action movie. 

However, during the interview, Goo Kyo Hwan opened up about his connection to Jang Do Yeon. 

It turned out that the actor’s longtime girlfriend and director, Lee Ok Seon, was a close friend of the host. 

In addition to this, Goo Kyo Hwan and Jang Do Yeon would often see each other at various events and gatherings. 

Goo Kyo Hwan Recalls Being in the Same Project as Jang Do Yeon

The award-winning actor then recalled the time when he was starting out in the industry and was a member of a film production team where Jang Do Yeon was the honorary director. 

Salon Drip Goo Kyo Hwan
(Photo : Sports Donga)

In addition to this, Goo Kyo Hwan also shared the time when they had to fly overseas to check on possible locations. 

“Since she’s a director, she went overseas with me for location hunting,” he said, to which she responded, “It’s really cool when you say it like that. Didn’t we just go out for fun?” 

But Goo Kyo Hwan continues to spill Jang Do Yeon’s secret, which includes being able to carry a huge suitcase all by herself. 

“She just holds it with her right hand and kicks it really hard. She feels like a master. It’s almost like tai chi. She says she uses it when she needs energy and doesn’t use it when she doesn’t.” 

However, the actor confessed that he had some apprehensions about working with Jang Do Yeon. 

According to him, he kind of felt awkward being with veterans in the industry like Jang Do Yeon and even with her girlfriend, Lee Ok Seop. 

“I felt like it would cause a scandal if (Jang Do-yeon and) the two of us were together alone,” he said, joking, “I haven’t achieved my dream yet.”

Goo Kyo Hwan Teams Up With Lee Je Hoon in ‘Escape’

With all the newly released movies on the big screen, “Escape” delivers a unique story about a North Korean soldier who wanted to escape the country by sneaking into the DMZ. 

(Photo : Plus M Entertainment)

Lee Je Hoon plays the role of Sergeant Kyu Nam, who, despite working as a soldier for several years, aims to have freedom by escaping to South Korea. 

Amid his mission, he reunites with his childhood friend, State Security Department Major Hyun Sang, and turns him from being a North Korean defector to a hero. 

Interestingly, “Escape” also offers a round of star-studded cameos who had a special participation in the film. This includes Song Kang and Esom, who co-starred with Lee Je Hoon in “Taxi Driver.”