Good and Great MV: SHINee’s KEY is the Employee of the Month in His New Dance Pop Anthem’s Surreal Alternate Reality

In his latest solo comeback, SHINee KEY is at the centre of a corporate hustle culture, and though he earns the Employee of the Month title in his Good and Great MV, things seem to be more absurd than ever. As the usual AI concept has become the identity of SM Entertainment artists, further seeping into their surreal video aesthetics as well, KEY aka Kim Ki-bum has rather embarked on the route to an old-school reality of pixelated computerised video game avatars.

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Releasing on September 11, 2023, at 6 PM KST, the music video marks the release of the artist’s 2nd mini album as a soloist. The dance pop titular single leads his EP that otherwise consists of a total of 6 tracks – Can’t Say Goodbye, Intoxicating, Live Without You, CoolAs and Mirror Mirror, other than the eponymous lead single.

KEy Good and Grear MV 2nd Mini Album

KEY’s title track is catchy as always and makes for an instantaneous addictive addition to his solo discography owing to the easy breezy musical experience it seeks to impart to the listeners. His ever-smiling presence in the video is another highlight reminding us that he’s in fact “Good & Great”, and an entertainer through and through.

The song sprinkles words of self-affirmation to boost his character’s self-esteem and morale as it’s interesting to see him as the only working member of the society with a smile on his face. Other background supporting cast members of the video take on the roles of a more mechanical and robotic existence, all caught in the same cycle of their monotonous and black-and-white daily routines. Yet we can see Key’s confusions coming to the top at times as well, especially in lyrics like, “The world is an irregular puzzle / One wrong step, you’re lost in the jungle”.

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Other lyrics also go on to portray the image of hardships despite him walking on the path of his dreams. The song also reiterates, rather normalises the picture of feeling lost in the world even when you’re grateful of the life you have. Essentially, the track speaks loudly about the never-ending cycle of grinding for hours without end, which can often lead one to forget their own edge and individuality owing to the numbness caused by the breathless work culture. The video further adds to the story-telling by capturing the Matrix-esque theme in a visually captivating storyline.

Watch KEY Good and Great MV

The Good and Great KEY 2nd mini album is now streaming on music platforms.

Which of the 6 tracks is your favourite one? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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