‘Goodbye Earth’ Director Talks About Drastic Changes They Made After Yoo Ah In’s Scandal Broke

“Goodbye Earth” director Kim Jin Min discussed the changes made in the upcoming K-drama as lead star Yoo Ah In got embroiled in a drug-related controversy. 

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Set to be one of Yoo Ah In’s dramas in 2024, the actor was investigated by authorities over suspicion of illegal drugs. 

After testing positive for five substances, the award-winning star went on a trial. Unfortunately, the negative publicity pushed Yoo Ah In to drop out of his upcoming projects, including Netflix’s “Hellbound” season 2. 

Yoo Ah In
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As for “Goodbye Earth,” the team has decided to lessen his airtime. 

Ahead of the much-awaited release, the “Goodbye Earth” director revealed how the team adjusted to the whole Yoo Ah In controversy. 

‘Goodbye Earth’ Director Discussed the Adjustments They Made With Yoo Ah In’s Character

In a report, director Kim Jin Min explained in the press conference why they chose the option of trimming down Yoo Ah In’s screen time instead of replacing the actor. 

“When I was about 3 episodes into the initial editing, the issue of Yoo Ah-in’s drug use arose. At first, I thought it was not a complicated situation and would pass, but the problem did not go as planned.”

According to him, he reached out to Netflix officials regarding the re-editing of the first three episodes. 

“While editing, there were parts of the story that I personally understood. I was about to tell the Netflix producer that I would edit it again,” he said, adding that the streaming giant originally didn’t let them make any alterations after editing.

“We had an excuse, so we also touched on parts and amounts that could cause inconvenience to viewers,” the director explained.

As director Kim Jin Min discussed what prompted them to lessen Yoo Ah In’s screen time, he explained that the team made some adjustments “in a way that did not interfere with the storytelling. 

Goodbye Earth, Yoo Ah In
(Photo : Netflix, Yoo Ah In Instagram)

The ”Goodbye Earth” director also hoped that “viewers will not be too uncomfortable” watching the series. 

‘Goodbye Earth’ Cast and Release Date

Goodbye Earth
(Photo : Netflix Korea Instagram)

In January 2022, drama officials confirmed Yoo Ah In and Ahn Eun Jin’s appearance as the lead stars of “Goodbye Earth.”

The award-winning star plays Ha Yoon Sang, a researcher at the Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology and the longtime boyfriend of middle school teacher Jin Se Kyung, played by Ahn Eun Jin. 

Joining the duo as lead stars are Jeon Seong Woo and Kim Yoon Hye.

However, at the height of Yoo Ah In’s scandal, Netflix announced the postponement of the series. 

Thankfully, after months of waiting, the streaming giant confirmed that “Goodbye Earth” gets a green light for its release. 

Along with the official poster, viewers will get to watch the “pre-apocalyptic” drama on April 26, exclusively on Netflix.