“Goodbye Earth” Seals Premiere Date This Month

Despite controversies, Netflix greenlights the launch of Goodbye Earth on April 26.

The lead actor of the series Yoo Ah In is on trial on charges of habitual drug use. Nonetheless, Netflix released a teaser poster recently, announcing the release date of Goodbye Earth.

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Goodbye Earth is a work that depicts the story of a world in chaos due to the imminent apocalypse, and the people who live together until the end despite the collision between the Earth and the asteroid.

Starring in the series are Ahn Eun Jin, Yoo Ah In, Jeon Seong Woo, and Kim Yun Hye.

It was originally scheduled to be released in 2023, but the release date was temporarily postponed when it became known that Yoo Ah In was investigated by the police in February last year on charges of habitual propofol use. Following the situation, Yoo’s next works were halted and he withdrew from Netflix’s Hellbound 2.

Yoo Ah In is on trial on charges of administering medical narcotics 181 times between September 2020 and March 2022 at hospitals around Seoul for sedative anesthesia for cosmetic procedures. He is also accused of smoking marijuana in the United States with four people, including an acquaintance who was an accomplice. Yoo Ah In admitted to smoking marijuana and taking propofol to some extent, but denies the remaining charges of drug use.

In Goodbye Earth, Yoo Ah-in plays the role of Ha Yoon-sang, Se-kyung’s (Ahn Eun Jin) long-time lover and a researcher at a biotechnology research institute who rushes from the safe United States to the dangerous region of Korea in a month to stay by Se-kyung’s side.

Netflix excluded this explanation from the published press release. However, Yoo Ah In is not completely edited out of the play.

The production team shared that the issue occurred not during filming, but during post-production.

As he is a major character that makes up the story of the work, it is inevitable that Yoo Ah-in appears. In order to avoid harm, the director, writer, and production staff all discussed thoroughly and proceeded with re-editing and post-production.”

An official said, “Although he is said to be a major character, Yoo Ah-in’s screen time was not large enough to be considered a special appearance. It is safe to say that Ahn Eun-jin, whose name comes before Yoo Ah-in, almost leads the series.

Goodbye Earth premieres on April 26 on Netflix!

Source: joynews24