‘Goodbye Earth’ Teaser Highlights Ahn Eun Jin’s Character as Middle School Teacher

As Netflix gears for the much-awaited release of “Goodbye Earth,” the upcoming K-drama focuses on Ahn Eun Jin as she transforms into a passionate middle school teacher.

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Can Ahn Eun Jin Protect Her Students from the Chaos?

Despite the setback, viewers will finally see the premiere of the webtoon-based K-drama, and its star-studded cast.

Following the first trailer, Netflix dropped another teaser, showing a glimpse of Ahn Eun Jin’s character as she takes on the role of Jin Se Kyung, a dedicated teacher.

Goodbye Earth
(Photo : Netflix)

Things will change after the public receives a shocking warning from the government regarding the end of the world.

The trailer begins with students and faculty receiving a text notification about the asteroid Dine, which is set to hit the earth in 300 days, particularly the Korean peninsula.

Here, “Goodbye Earth” features a sneak peek at how the people grapple to survive within a limited time.

The pre-apocalypse K-drama focuses on Jin Se Kyung stepping up in hopes of saving her students by taking matters in her own hands.

However, other than the impending end of the world, society faces a whole new chaos as escaped convicts and criminal organizations can freely wreak havoc, causing frenzy even before the pandemonium hit the Earth.

With Ahn Eun Jin playing one of the main characters of the show, this raises excitement since she is well known to perfectly portray notable characters, such as from “Hospital Playlist,” “The Good Bad Mother,” “My Dearest,” and more.

‘Goodbye Earth’ Cast

Other than Ahn Eun Jin, “Goodbye Earth” also showcases a slew of notable stars.

Goodbye Earth
(Photo : Netflix Korea Instagram)

Jeon Sang Woo, who is known for his K-drama “Diary of a Prosecutor,” takes on the character of Woo Sung Ja, also known as Priest Damian. He is an assistant to the main priest and often fills his shoes when he disappears amid the chaos.

The rumors surrounding him make him strong, and he makes sure to lead and take care of his people.

Kim Yoon Hye of “Shooting Star” plays as Kang In Ah, the company commander whose mission is to maintain security and transport supplies.

Last on the list of lead characters is Yoo Ah In, who plays as Jin Se Kyung’s boyfriend, Ha Yoon Sang. He is a researcher at the Biotechnology Research Center in the U.S. who stays with Se Kyung despite South Korea being classified as a danger zone.

Unfortunately, because of the ongoing controversy, Yoo Ah In’s screen time in “Goodbye Earth” has been reduced.

In addition, Netflix also skipped featuring the actor in the trailer, still cuts, and posters.

Meanwhile, the “Goodbye Earth” release date is slated for April 26, airing all 12 episodes simultaneously.