GOT7 BamBam Confesses REAL Reason Why He Found Kwon Eunbi Annoying

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In the ever-evolving world of K-pop, friendships can sometimes seem fleeting amidst busy schedules, intense competition, and the constant demand for innovation.

Yet, within this dynamic landscape, stories of genuine connections and lasting friendships still manage to emerge.

One such heartwarming tale is the unlikely friendship between BamBam and Kwon Eunbi, two talented artists from different K-pop worlds.

On September 20th, BamBam graced the virtual stage as a guest on the web entertainment sensation, “Line-crossing Maebjjiri,” a show thoughtfully crafted and hosted by Studio USOG.

What prompted BamBam’s presence on this entertaining platform was not only the opportunity for a candid conversation but, more importantly, his close friendship and professional camaraderie with Kwon Eunbi, a fellow star within the music industry.

BamBam Joins “Line-crossing Maebjjiri” with Heartfelt Motivation: “I Genuinely Enjoy It”

BamBam’s rationale for joining the show was straightforward and heartfelt, as he expressed, “I agreed to participate in the show because it’s your show, and I genuinely enjoy it. It feels incredibly comfortable and inviting.”

During the engaging and light-hearted exchange between BamBam and Kwon Eunbi, the talented artist couldn’t resist adding a touch of humor to the proceedings.

BamBam & Kwon Eun-bi

(Photo : twitter|@M2MPD)
BamBam & Kwon Eun-bi

When Kwon Eunbi playfully inquired about her performance as an MC on the show, BamBam’s response elicited hearty laughter from both the host and the audience. He quipped, “You always excel at being an MC when we’re sharing some drinks…”\

BamBam’s First Impressions: The Surprising Attraction and Initial Misconception of Kwon Eunbi

However, the conversation took an even more intriguing turn as BamBam delved into his initial impression of Kwon Eunbi when they first crossed paths.

With a candid and humorous touch, he admitted, “When I first set my eyes on Kwon Eunbi, I found her to be quite attractive. Her choice of clothing, particularly that distinctive jacket, left me with the impression that she might be a bit of a boomer.

Yet, as I got to know her better, I quickly realized that her unique style was simply an extension of her personality.

However, I must confess, during our initial meeting, I couldn’t help but wonder, ‘Wow, why is she acting so rudely?’ She had that striking bleached hair and was adorned in a fur jacket that made quite the statement.”

BamBam & Kwon Eun-bi

(Photo : Youtube|@studio_usog)
BamBam & Kwon Eun-bi

BamBam and Kwon Eunbi: The Unlikely Friendship That Blossomed Into Something Beautiful

As the conversation flowed, BamBam went on to reveal the heartwarming evolution of their friendship.

Over time, their bond grew stronger, transcending the boundaries of mere acquaintanceship. BamBam expressed, “As the days passed, we naturally became closer and better friends.


What’s more, Kwon Eunbi once surprised me with a luxurious gift for my birthday, a thoughtful gesture that touched me deeply. I still wear that meaningful gift frequently; it holds a special place in my heart and carries great sentimental value.”