GOT7 BamBam Drops Jaws with Unfiltered Confession: Did He Really Say That About His Ex-Boss?

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In the latest episode of The K-Star Next Door, GOT7’s BamBam found himself in a memorable moment of laughter during a game segment with (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon.

The Game: “Cry in Silence”

The game, titled “Cry in Silence,” required BamBam and Miyeon to guess keywords while wearing noise-canceling headphones. BamBam’s hints were crucial for Miyeon to decipher the word.

When the keyword “JYP” emerged, BamBam blurted out, “My former agency!” However, Miyeon failed to grasp the clue, leading to more hints from BamBam, including the memorable “rice cake-eating gorilla.”

The Realization

After the game, BamBam realized the implications of his clues, expressing embarrassment at describing his former agency and boss, J.Y. Park, as a “gorilla.”

In a gesture of apology, BamBam promised to “treat” J.Y. Park next time they meet, showcasing his remorse for the unintended jab made on the show.

Fans took to social media to share their amusement at BamBam’s blunder, praising his candid nature and ability to laugh at himself.

The Aftermath

Despite the initial embarrassment, BamBam’s lighthearted approach to the situation endeared him further to fans, solidifying his reputation as an entertaining and genuine personality.

BamBam’s endearing mishap became a highlight of the episode, demonstrating the unpredictable and entertaining nature of The K-Star Next Door.

Viewers eagerly anticipate what other surprises the show has in store in the upcoming episodes.

Controversy Erupts Over Photo Usage: View of the Arts vs. BamBam

Meanwhile,in another artricle View of the Arts faced controversy after responding to GOT7’s BamBam regarding the use of photos from his concert, sparking debate on Twitter.

BamBam sought clarification on sharing the photos himself, leading to confusion when the publication requested credit from him. The incident highlights the complexities of intellectual property rights, emphasizing the importance of mutual respect between content creators and subjects, with implications for how content is shared and credited, especially within the K-pop community.