Grammys Sensation Shocks Fans with Unexpected Move in NewJeans Japanese Debut

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The global impact of K-pop continues to transcend boundaries as Grammy-winning artist Pharrell Williams joins forces with NewJeans, a rising star in the Korean pop scene.

According to reports from media outlet Sports Chosun, Pharrell Williams has lent his talents as a composer and lyricist to NewJeans’ Japanese debut single, titled “Supernatural.”

ADOR, the agency representing the group, confirms Pharrell’s involvement, highlighting his contribution to the song’s nostalgic melodies and emotive vocals.

(Photo : news nate)

“Pharrell Williams brought his iconic adlibs and bridges from ‘Back of My Mind,’ a collaboration with Japanese singer Manami in 2009, which producer 250 reinterpreted in the New Jack Swing style,” explained ADOR.

Pharrell Williams, renowned for hits like “Happy,” adds yet another feather to his cap with this collaboration. His multiple Grammy Awards and global influence across music and fashion industries underscore the significance of his partnership with NewJeans.

NewJeans’ Japanese debut single, “Supernatural,” is slated for release on June 21, following their comeback in Korea on May 24. The group has been generating buzz with announcements of collaborations with cultural icons like Takashi Murakami and Hiroshi Fujiwara.


Their ambitious plans, including a fan meeting at the prestigious Tokyo Dome concurrent with their Japanese debut, further solidify their status as trailblazers in the K-pop landscape.

Pharrell Williams’ involvement in NewJeans’ venture into the Japanese market signifies a new chapter in the globalization of K-pop, showcasing the genre’s ability to resonate with audiences worldwide.

In recent news, CEO Min Hee Jin allegedly recruited members from Source Music to form her own girl group, NewJeans, causing financial strain on Source Music. Dispatch reported on Min’s role in this, detailing her hiring by HYBE and subsequent formation of ADOR.

While Min denies trying to seize management rights of ADOR, Dispatch points out contradictions in her statements. Min is credited with refining the members, but Source Music CEO So Sungjin is acknowledged for nurturing and providing resources for them.

Despite Min’s denial, NewJeans’ success is seen as a result of HYBE’s support and the talent sourced from Source Music. Min’s involvement in other artist departures is also speculated.