Guitarist and Attrakt COO Kim Se Hwang shares story of Fifty Fifty’s expensive LA lodgings

Article: Jun Hong Joon CEO looked into highly expensive living arrangements for Fifty Fifty in LA for their American promos 

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Source: Insight via Instagram

Attrakt USA COO Kim Se Hwang shared, “When he came to LA last May~June, he said he was going to look into living arrangements for Fifty Fifty for their US promos. Most of the places were ‘huk’ expensive, and I asked him why he was looking at such expensive places, and he replied, ‘Our artists are leaving their home to work in a foreign country, I want them to be able to rest comfortably after their schedules.’ I felt that he deeply cared about his artists then.”

[+335] Even if he wanted to hold on to them still, their image is so rock bottom that there wouldn’t be a point… Just focus on auditions for the next group. 

[+197] Sigh, how could you betray a CEO like this…

[+91] Aigoo, CEO-nim, it’s time to move on and stop the suffering 😢

[+42] There is not another CEO like him in the industry

[+39] People aren’t meant to be fixed

[+25] Throw those Fifty kids away

[+27] They were treated like royalty

[+3] ㅡㅡ Why did he go so far.. No matter how much he cares for them, the public will not accept them anymore.. so wake up ㅜㅜ

[+1] Damn~~ to pay such a man back with what they did, they basically gave up on being human

[+1] And now the members can rest comfortably forever…

[+-] He’s kind to the point of being foolish, not sure how those b*tches could do such a thing to him

[+-] Feels like media play