GYUBIN Completes Her Collaboration Project Trilogy with Her Latest Single “Special,” featuring Kim Jong Wan of NELL

 GYUBIN completes her collaboration project trilogy with her latest single, “Special,” featuring Kim Jong Wan of NELL. 

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The first two releases of this trilogy were Scribble with Wonstein (September 2023) and Start To Shine with GAEKO of Dynamicduo (November 2023). Both “Scribble” and “Start to Shine” were released ahead of GYUBIN’s official debut as an artist and earned her the title of ‘super rookie’ due to their popularity.

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GYUBIN sings “Special” alongside her life mentor and friend, Kim Jong Wan of NELL, who also wrote and produced the track.

The song aims to send a message of comfort to young listeners who may be enduring times of loneliness. GYUBIN and Kim Jong Wan want to remind these listeners that no matter what people say, they are special in their own way.

This song is also a gift from GYUBIN to her fans in honor of 100 days since the release of her very successful debut single, “Really Like You” (January 2024), which has been streamed over eight million times on Spotify and entered the Viral 50 Spotify Chart in various countries such as South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand upon its release.

“Ultimately, “Special” sings hope. I hope this song can be a huge support to everyone who is going through a hard time .” – Kim Jong Wan, Member of NELL

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