H1-KEY Goes ‘Deeper’ on Idol Recording Process & More in Media Roundtable

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Since their debut on December 21, 2021, H1-KEY has carved a name for themselves in the K-pop sphere. With their amazing vocals and stunning visuals, H1-KEY has amassed themselves a fan base and even earned their first music show win in September 2023 for “SEOUL.”

Your new song, ‘Deeper,’ was written by DAY6’s Young K. How did it feel to work with such a talented senior? 

We actually didn’t get the chance to directly work with him in the same studio, but every time we saw him in other instances, he always gave us advice such as drink water and rest well. 

Stunned by the lyrics and creativity. surprised how can he write this awesome and deep lyrics?

You guys released ‘Deeper’ back in February. Can you tell us more about the process of preparing for this single and how different it was to your past releases? 

Deeper was the song that we have been keeping to ourselves for a long time and worked on for a long time. We were doing a lot of edits when going into the recording, so we had to re-record a lot of the parts. Our main focus for this track was to express the different emotions in “Deeper.”

Thank you for answering our questions, H1-KEY!