Ha Jung Woo Recalls What It’s Like to Debut as Shin Min Ah’s Ex-Boyfriend

Ha Jung Woo took a trip down memory lane and recalled his debut as an actor. 

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Before cementing his name as one of the most talented actors of his generation, the 46-year-old star mentioned a remarkable experience during his first on-screen appearance. 

Debuting in 2003, Ha Jung Woo appeared as one of the supporting cast members in the rom-com “Madeleine,” which stars Shin Min Ah and Jo In Sung. 

According to him, the series was one of his first few works as an actor after starting his career as a commercial model. 

When asked about a notable story about his debut, he mentioned not being invited at the press conference. 

Ha Jung Woo Recalls Debuting as Shin Min Ah’s Ex-Boyfriend

During his appearance on Jung Jae Hyung’s YouTube channel “Fairy’s Table,” Ha Jung Woo dishes on his experience as a rookie actor. 

According to him, at the time of the production of “Madeleine,” he was in his third year of college as a theater major at Chung-Ang University. 

“After returning from military service, I started auditioning,” he said, adding that his first K-drama appearance was in the rom-com series. 

Ha Jung Woo at Hijacking Press Conference
(Photo : News 1 Korea)

(Photo : Newsen)

“It was just a supporting role. I played the role of Shin Min-ah’s ex-boyfriend,” he recalled. 

However, Ha Jung Woo added that, since he only played one of the minor roles, he wasn’t invited to the VIP screening.

Interestingly, instead of moping, the actor revealed having a little celebration on his own. 

“I drank alone on the day of the premiere,” he said, sparking laughter on the set. 

Ha Jung Woo is currently active in both film and TV shows. After the sports theme movie in 2023 with Im Siwan for “Boston 1947,” he stars in another action adventure film, “Hijacking.”

Transforming into former Korean Air Force fighter pilot Tae In, he found himself in the middle of a crisis after the commercial plane that he was flying was targeted by a hijacker. 

(Photo : News 1 Korea)

Scheduled to hit the big screen on June 21, the upcoming movie stars Yeo Jin Goo in his first villain role as hijacker Yong Dae. 

Adding to the list of cast members is veteran actor Sung Dong Il as co-pilot Gyu Sik and Chae Soo Bin as the lone on-board stewardess, Ok Soon. 

Other than acting, Ha Jung Woo is very active behind the camera. 

Ha Jung Woo as Actor, Producer, Screenwriter, and Director

While he is known for his masculine roles, Ha Jung Woo also has various projects behind the camera. 

He made his directorial debut in 2013 for the comedy film “Fasten Your Seatbelt,” as well as being the producer of a number of movies like “A Single Rider” in 2016 and “Take Point,” which stars him and the late Lee Sun Kyun. 

Ha Jung Woo told the Korea Times that he is looking forward to creating projects beyond acting. 

“As an actor, I appear in tent-pole movies. But as a producer-director, I feel like working on low-budget films filled with wit and imagination, which came as I straightened my identity as a director this year.”

Other than the upcoming movie, Ha Jung Woo is also in talks to star in “Night Trip” and the psychological film “Lunar Eclipse” with Korean American actor John Cho.