Han Ji-min and Lee Joon-hyuk confirmed to star in “Greetings”

Actors Han Ji-min and Lee Joon-hyuk confirmed their appearance in SBS’s new drama “Greetings” (working title)

On Nov 17th, the production team of SBS’s new drama “Greetings” announced that Han Ji-min and Lee Joon-hyuk confirmed their appearance. “Greetings” depicts the story of a CEO who is clumsy about everything except for work and her relationship with her secretary who is a single father.

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Han Ji-min

Han Ji-min will play the role of a self-conceit CEO of a successful headhunter company. Despite having a confident personality and exceptional skills, she only knows how to focus all her energy on work, leaving her with no knowledge in anything else. Han Ji-min is known as the master of romance both in name and reality.

Lee Joon-hyuk will take on the role of a secretary who can perfectly care for Ji-yoon, the CEO who only knows how to work. He is a single father who excels in childcare, household chores and work. He is an endlessly affectionate character, demonstrating manners and warm consideration that make him an admirable individual.

lee jun hyuk

The production team stated, “With the confirmation of Han Ji-min and Lee Joon-hyuk’s participation, the best romance combination has been established. The production team is highly anticipating the chemistry and synergy that the two actors will bring to this project.”

They added, “The harsh CEO undergoes a transformation by receiving care and attention from the secretary who cares for her through and through. This process of change is the focal point of ‘Greetings’. We will do our best to present it to viewers with the best actors.”

“Greetings” is scheduled to start production with the aim of airing in 2024.

Source: Daum