Han So Hee Losses 100,000 Instagram Followers Amid Dating Controversy With Ryu Jun Yeol

Han So Hee lost a huge number of followers on social media amid her ongoing saga with Ryu Jun Yeol and his ex-girlfriend Hyeri.

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Han So Hee – Ryu Jun Yeol – Hyeri ‘Transit Love’ Saga Continues

With the ongoing controversy between Han So Hee, Ryu Jun Yeol, and Hyeri, the public’s attention is also on their social media followers and activities.

On March 15, dating rumors involving top stars Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol broke the internet making it one of the hottest topics on various portals. At that time, their agencies denied the issue.

Hyeri, Han So Hee, Ryu Jun Yeol Issue
(Photo : Hyeri, Dispatch Instagram)

On the same day, Hyeri, who recently broke up with the actor after seven years of dating, posted a cryptic post with the caption, “That’s funny,” on her Instagram Story, sparking rumors of “transit love.”

Han So Hee, Ryu Jun Yeol
Han So Hee, Ryu Jun Yeol in Hawaii
(Photo : Dispatch Official)

Adding fuel to the fire, Han So Hee immediately refuted the allegations and left a comment targeting Hyeri, saying, “I find it funny too.”

The following day, she bravely confirmed her relationship with Ryu Jun Yeol on her blog.

Han So Hee Loses 100,000 Instagram Followers Amid Dating Issue With Ryu Jun Yeol

While Han So Hee – Ryu Jun Yeol – Hyeri’s controversy continues, many have noticed that the “My Name” actress has lost 100,000 Instagram followers after the dating news broke out.

It has been said that Han So Hee originally had 17.83 million followers, and it plummeted to 17.73 million. It seems like the celebrity’s image had been greatly damaged after she repeatedly made explanations.

Meanwhile, Hyeri had a significant increase of 300,000 followers. From 8.22 million, she now has 8.51 million followers. Her ex-boyfriend and former “Reply 1988” co-star Ryu Jun Yeol did not show any changes in his social media following.

Han So Hee
(Photo : Han So Hee Instagram)

Han So Hee explained the time Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri broke up to dismiss the “transit love” speculations. However, the situation worsened. The actress got criticized even more by the public, claiming that it was rude for her to disclose information about other people’s personal issues.

As the dating drama continued, Han So Hee closed her blog and set her Instagram to private.

Furthermore, she returned to Korea on March 17 from an overseas trip and it became her first public appearance since the dating scandal broke out.

Meanwhile, Ryu Jun Yeol was also back in Korea, but earlier than the actress. It has been said that he changed his flight date due to the dating scandal.

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