Han So-hee Removed All Tattoos Before Debut But Recently Got Them Again?

On June 7th, Han So-hee uploaded a photo on her SNS account revealing her recent status. In the picture, the actress showcased her white skin while wearing a black sleeveless tee. Her skinny body and impressive collarbone line captivated particular attention from fans.

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Knowing Han So-hee already erased all the tattoos on her body right before making her debut, fans and netizens were surprised to see the actress’s her upper body being covered with several tattoos. In fact, these are temporary tattoo stickers.

Han So-hee's Surprise: Tattoos Return After 20 Million KRW Removal

Some netizens support Han So-hee’s bold transformation, while others feel unfamiliar because they like her innocent image more.

Before her debut, Han So-hee tattooed a lot but she reportedly removed them all with the support of her agency for her acting debut. The actress revealed that she spent about 20 million won on erasing all the tattoos.

In fact, Han So-hee wanted to keep the tattoos. In an interview, she said, “I didn’t want to remove my tattoos. Didn’t I pay to get them?”. However, she explained the reason behind her removal of tattoos, saying “Certain restrictions naturally arise in your daily life when you start working, you know”.

Han So-hee plays the lead role in “Heavy Snow”, a movie scheduled to premiere in the second half of this year. It tells the story of Seol (Han So-hee), a child star that aspiring actress Su-an (Han Hae-in) met at an arts high school in Gangneung. The two build a relationship between friendship and love, lean on each other then part ways and look for each other again.