Han So Hee shares first SNS update since attitude controversy

Article: Han So Hee’s first update since her attitude controversy… sad face emoji

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Source: Herald Pop via Nate

[+138, -11] She has caught the celebrity disease quite badly

– [+5, -0] She’s pretty but not classy

– [+18, -3] She could’ve just said “We’re filming so please be quiet” but instead she reared her ugly temper ㅋㅋ

– [+34, -5] I don’t even know why she’s considered a top celebrity when all of her works have been flops. She’s more known for her bad temper now.

[+87, -6] Always best to avoid people with tattoos and cigarettes

[+71, -4] An example of what money does to someone who grew up piss poor

[+65, -2] I’ll apologize on her behalf, she’s in the early stages of her celebrity disease

[+8, -1] Someone give her a drug test

[+8, -1] Celebrities really need to start working on filling their brains…..

[+6, -1] *empty can rattling noise*

[+1, -0] Where are all the men who love putting down ugly women by saying pretty women have better personalities too? ㅋㅋㅋ