Han So-hee Shines Alone in Scotland “Hand letter of Love + Arm-in-arm with a Guard”

The handwritten note appears to have been left by a flight attendant while Han So-hee was asleep on a flight to Scotland.

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Han So-hee shared photos taken at a luxury brand event held in Scotland.

She wore an all-black outfit that exuded sophistication and elegance. The black color, being both classic and graceful, highlighted her beauty even more.

She wore a sleeveless black top paired with matching pants. The top was simple yet featured luxurious details, while the straight-fit pants made her legs appear longer, enhancing her overall slim silhouette.

Her long, naturally flowing hair added a pure yet sophisticated touch to the look. The hair color, a natural black, complemented the outfit perfectly.

Her makeup emphasized her clear eyes in a natural style, with soft pink lips giving a calm and elegant impression overall.

Next to Han So-hee was a man dressed in traditional Scottish attire, making their styles uniquely complementary. The contrast between the man’s traditional outfit and Han So-hee’s modern black look blended harmoniously.

These fashion elements matched well with Han So-hee’s image, maximizing her charm. Her style is characterized by adding luxury with detailed details while pursuing minimalism.

Meanwhile, Han So-hee is set to appear in Netflix’s series “Gyeongseong Creature Season 2” and the film “Heavy Snow”.