Han So Hee Shows Off Martial Art Skills at Seoul Action School Event

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Seoul, July 10, 2024 – Actress Han So-hee, known for her dynamic roles on screen, recently delighted fans and martial arts enthusiasts alike with a display of cool action moves at a special event hosted by Seoul Action School and Seoul Arts Academy.

Han So Hee
Han So Hee
(Photo : Instagram)

The event, aimed at promoting martial arts and action choreography, saw Han So-hee take on the role of assistant instructor, showcasing her skills alongside renowned directors and instructors.

Han So-hee, who gained acclaim for her role in the 2021 Netflix drama “My Name”, attended the event as a representative of the Seoul Action School, where she had previously trained extensively for her role as Yoon Ji-woo.

My Name
My Name (Photo : Netflix)

In “My Name”, Han So-hee portrayed a complex character embroiled in the world of gangs and undercover operations, requiring her to master intricate martial arts techniques.

Directors Jeong Doo-hond and Heo Myung-haeng, along with several martial arts instructors and members of the Seoul Action School, were present to witness Han So-hee’s demonstration.

Her participation not only highlighted her proficiency in action choreography but also underscored her ongoing relationship with the school that helped shape her skills for the screen.

During the event, attendees were treated to a glimpse of Han So-hee’s dedication and passion for martial arts, as she guided participants through various techniques and routines. 

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