Han So Hee writes a lengthy post on Instagram asking for Hyeri to respond

Han So Hee’s Instagram post

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“I’m sorry. My personality can be rather rash”

“I will delete it as soon as possible”

Soon after making the post, Han So Hee deleted it

1. This is too severe… please stop…

2. Leave Hyeri alone

3. Why does Han So Hee keep talking about what happened between Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri?

4. She is Ryu Jun Yeol’s guardian

5. Looks aren’t everything Looks aren’t everything Looks aren’t everything Looks aren’t everything

6. If you have any questions, please ask Ryu Jun Yeol next to you… Why do you keep summoning Hyeri?

7. I didn’t know she was that kind of person… I’m so disappointed. She’s so rude to Hyeri

8. I think she’ll grab Hyeri’s hair until she tells her it’s not a transit relationship

9. It doesn’t seem like she’s mentally weak, but I guess she’s the type of person who says whatever she wants without thinking about others

10. She is cruel to Hyeri

11. I thought she was a very cautious person, but she’s not… I don’t judge celebrities based on their image, but I’m so disappointed

12. Did she post this to force Hyeri to apologize? She’s so rude

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