Han So Hee’s Fans Defend Actress From ‘Celebrity Disease’ Claims + Release Detailed Video From Paris Fashion Week 2024

Fans are not letting Han So Hee get so much hate after the actress made headlines due to an alleged “outburst” during Paris Fashion Week 2024.

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Here’s the full story. 

Han So Hee Accused of Having ‘Celebrity Disease’ After Viral Paris Fashion Week Video

A video featuring the “My Name” actress went viral after it showed her encounter with an audience member. In a video uploaded on TikTok, the actress was at the after party of the luxury jewelry brand Boucheron for Paris Fashion Week 2024.

Han So Hee
(Photo : Han So Hee Instagram)

To recall, Han So Hee serves as the first Korean global ambassador of the brand. As part of her role as the brand ambassador, the 29-year-old star engages with the photographers and media at the after party.

However, an unexpected reaction from Han So Hee surprised the netizens. In one short clip, the South Korean star shouted, “Please be quiet!”, with an assertive command towards an audience member.

After that, the environment calmed down a bit, and this was where Han So Hee posed for the camera. The incident immediately went viral on various platforms, criticizing the actress’ attitude.

At some point, others accused Han So Hee of having a “celebrity disease,” which means a public figure becomes snobbish, taking their fame and attention for granted.

Fans Defend Han So Hee By Releasing Full Video of the Incident

Han So Hee
(Photo : Han So Hee Instagram)

Amid this, fans came in defense by releasing a full video of the incident.

In an online post, the user shared a lengthy statement, giving his or her two cents regarding the issue.

Referring to the viral 3-second clip, the user praised Han So Hee for being “professional” and “simply doing her job” as a brand ambassador.

“She was posing for photographers and content creators in a designated area, trying to ensure the success of the event. Yes, she was invited to a fun party, but she also needs to complete her other tasks.”

The user also stated the possible issues at that moment, particularly crowd control, communication breakdowns, equipment damage, and more.

Moreover, the user highlights that Han So Hee’s action was an active measure to ensure safety and professionalism.

“It wasn’t a power move but rather utilizing her status as a celebrity to control the crowd. I can’t believe netizens are making a fuss over this. She’s not even swearing, guys!”

Following the viral incident, Han So Hee’s agency addressed the issue.

In an official statement, 9ato Entertainment clarified that the actress did not display any rudeness to an audience member but pointed out the “potential for safety accidents” within the environment, which caused Hna So Hee to take the lead.

“All of the staff on site were yelling for everyone to be careful and listen to the staff in order for the event to be carried out smoothly with safety as the top priority.”