Han So Hee’s Never-Before-Seen Pre-Debut Photos Leave Netizens in Awe: ‘She’s Tumblr-Coded’

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Han So Hee once again captured the attention of netizens as her pre-debut photos went viral.

There’s no denying that the actress is among the pretty faces of K-drama; interestingly, what sets her apart from other celebrities is her unique style and beauty.

At the height of the hit K-drama “The World of the Married,” Han So Hee’s pre-debut photos circulated on social media, where the actress had arm tattoos and a rebellious aura.

Interestingly, the public continues to unearth more photos of the actress since she started her journey in the industry.

In a post on an online community, the “My Name” star garnered mixed reactions from fans, with some comparing her before and after photos.

Han So Hee’s Unseen Pre-Debut Photos Go Viral

In a post titled “There’s Really No End to Han So Hee’s Past Photos,” the actress seemed to be in her emo girl era with dark make up and jet black short hair.

Han So Hee
(Photo : Pannchoa)
Han So Hee
(Photo : Pannchoa)
Han So Hee
(Photo : Pannchoa)
Han So Hee
(Photo : Pannchoa)

On X, formerly Twitter, netizens mentioned that she looked straight out of Tumblr, a microblogging social networking app in the early 2000s, more like an Instagram of today’s generation.


While some comments lauded the actress for her stunning looks, others pointed out some changes in her visuals, especially her nose.

Han So Hee
(Photo : Pannchoa)

Amid the resurfacing pre-debut photos of Han So Hee, she once addressed the public’s negative reaction to her tattoos and rebellious era.

In her past interviews, the actress boldly stated that she represented herself when she was young and now that she is an adult.

“I was me back then, And I’m me now too.”

In addition, she also spoke about the change in her image, stating that there’s nothing wrong with it.

“As you work, don’t you start to develop some restrictions in your normal life? As a result, I think I am now complete in my image.”

Despite the controversies and issues surrounding the actress, Han So Hee is booked with back-to-back projects for the coming years.

Han So Hee Teams Up With Jeon Jong Seo in a New Drama

Following her notable projects with South Korean hearthrobs like Park Hyung Sik in “Soundtrack #1,” “Nevertheless” with Song Kang, and “Gyeongseong Creature” seasons 1 and 2 with Park Seo Joon, she is set to co-star in a womance K-drama.

Han So Hee will be working alongside versatile star Jeon Jong Seo in the upcoming K-drama “Project Y.”

Hna So Hee, Jeon Jong Seo
(Photo : Hna So Hee, Jeon Jong Seo Instagram)

A thriller crime series directed by Lee Hwan of the movies “Park Hwa Young” and “Young Adult Matters,” the story focuses on a woman who is living with different identities.

She is unattractive by day and becomes a different person by night who exudes head turning beauty.