Han Sohee Deleted All of Her Blog Posts

I don’t know if she just turned her blog private or really deleted all of her blog posts.

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I think it’s very regrettable since it’s the space she uses to communicate with her fans.

-She did the right thing

-It’s impossible for her to be unaffected by the comments she received there. It seems like closing her blog might be the right move.

-She did the right thing. People will only leave more hate comments if she responses to their commentsㅠㅠ She must’ve gone through a lot. I hope she sues them all. 

-She seems to be the busiest one in this whole situation…

-I think making her blog private might be the best move. People are visiting her blog just to attack her anyway. 

-She seems to have a weaker mind than she looks…ㅠㅠ Let her live, you guys

-I feel bad for herㅠㅠ What on earth did she do wrong? Is it a sin to date someone who previously was in a long-term relationship? People are being so mean to her. I hope she sues them all. 

-Celebrities are human too~~ She could’ve just ignored the hate comments, but she chose to read them all. What did you expect her to do? Just stay quiet?ㅠㅠ Even though her blog was flooded with negative comments, there were more people who actually rooting for her. But still, I think it’s better for her to not read the comments on online communities. And please… Take legal action!

-I’m not a fan, but this is very upsettingㅠㅠ

-Have some strengthㅠㅠ And make sure to take legal action against those haters who go to the place where she communicates with her fans only to leave malicious comments.

-She made a good choice. She shouldn’t act like she’s still in her influencer days. She has over 17M followers on Instagram, it’s better for her to communicate with her fans only through official channels. Her agency should manage that. I was so surprised to see that she hid some comments on her blogs. I wonder how much trashy comments she must’ve received to do that.

-She was the only celebrity who communicates with fans through blogㅠㅠ Karma will definitely come back to Hyeri like a boomerang.

-I really feel bad for herㅠㅠ I’m rooting for Han Sohee