Hani Released Handwritten Letter To Announce Marriage With Doctor Boyfriend

Hani posted a handwritten letter on her channel, along with a photo of herself wearing a wedding veil and holding flowers. It was a direct response to rumors of her marriage, which had been raised the previous day.

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hani yang jae woong

In the letter, she wrote, “Thank you. I was lucky enough to have received so much love from so many people. Having grown up with this love, I have become a person who can love. Thank you for raising me beautifully. And that’s how I met someone I wanted to share my life with. That’s why I decided to get married.”

“I will always live happily with a grateful heart. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who congratulated me.”

Earlier on the 31st of last month, there was a report that Hani will marry Yang Jae-woong (42), a psychiatrist whom she has been dating for about four years, in September.

Meanwhile, Hani debuted as a member of girl group EXID in 2011. They became a big hit in 2014 with the rise in popularity of their song ‘Up and Down’.