Hanyang University ERICA “Mocking SEVENTEEN’s unit BSS? That’s not true”

On June 1st, the president of the Hanyang University ERICA student council posted through the official Instagram account, “The statement was delayed to ensure accurate fact-checking and convey a precise position. We sincerely apologize to everyone affected or concerned by this controversy.” The post included several images containing a lengthy explanation.

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According to the statement, the student council addressed issues that arose during the festival, such as line management, numbered tickets, belongings checks and luggage storage.


They explained, “Due to the long wait that began early in the morning, there were many inquiries about restroom access, delivery possibilities and leaving the queue, along with complaints about line-cutting. Given the limited number of staff to control the large crowd, we decided that anyone leaving the queue for any reason would have to rejoin the line. At 7:30 AM, when the queue was not very long, we recommended resolving restroom and other needs while the line was still short.”

Regarding allegations that they mocked the members of SEVENTEEN’s unit BSS, the student council clarified, “We communicated with the agency about safety concerns and requests for caution. We never mocked the artists or claimed that they controlled access to restrooms and drinking water.”

On restroom control, they stated, “This is not true. We specifically restricted people from leaving the queue then cutting back in. After ticket issuance, re-entry through a designated line was always possible.”

Regarding belongings checks, they noted, “On the second day, the checks were handled by hired external personnel, not student council members. There were no invasions of privacy or unnecessary physical contact during these checks.


For luggage storage, they explained, “The video circulating online involves external personnel, not student council members. The video shows the process of sorting prohibited items collected earlier, so they could be retrieved upon exit. We apologize for not providing a more comfortable environment for our students.”

The student council expressed regret, saying, “We apologize for any inconvenience caused by our lack of careful consideration. Actions that defame the school, students, artists or fans online are clear criminal acts. We urge everyone to refrain from posting defamatory or false statements.”

On May 28th, Hanyang University’s ERICA campus spring festival “ESPERO” began. Performers included QWER, Changmo, Jannabi and Vromance on the first day, with Choi Yena, Nell, BSS and Cravity performing on the second day.

Due to the presence of popular idols, many fans gathered on campus, leading to complaints from those present.

Numerous posts on SNS claimed that the student council prohibited attendees from using restrooms if they left the line. Complaints about belongings checks also surfaced, with accusations of the student council abusing their authority.