Hate Comments Targeting LE SSERAFIM are Crossing the Lines

Honestly, the entire online community and media were trying to crucify LE SSERAFIM to the point I was worried that the members thinking of taking ‘extreme choices’. People kept mentioning the ex-member who got swept up in school bully controversy, saying that she should’ve disciplined Hong Eunchae instead. Some even suggested LE SSERAFIM to be banned from entering the country like they’re some criminals. 

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While not directly exhibited, there are all sorts of comments beyond criticism on the skills in LE SSERAFIM’s videos, ranging from ridicule to personal attacks, assaults, and even threats.

Such extreme comments are not just a few; there are tons of them.

Moreover, not only the members’ Instagram accounts but also today’s live comments during their arrival are filled with malicious comments.

Is this really acceptable to justify that “If you can’t sing, you deserve to be criticized”?

Even international fans agree that the comments LE SSERAFIM has been receiving are crossing the lines. Some of them even start to discourage their own fandoms from bullying LE SSERAFIM excessively. 

I hope people will learn that criticism and /// condemnation, ridicule, and personal attacks are different things.

-It’s really severe.

-Seriously, even though I agree that they can’t sing, the criticism and ridicule have gone too far. This makes me want to support them…

-The hate comments have already crossed the line from the start…

-Sigh… Why are people so angry? They seem to be overly obsessed…

-Those hate commenters are probably going to get sued soon. So stupid. 

-Seriously, it’s really too much.


-It’s ridiculous how they get more hate for not being able to sing than actual criminals do. I’ve seen so many hateful comments that I’m just going to support them from now on without saying anything.

-Singers can be bad at singing, why criticize so harshly?

-They weren’t good, that’s fact, but they didn’t deserve all this hate. 

-The mockery is too much… At this point, it’s not criticism, it’s just hateful comments.

-Even criminals don’t get that much hate.

-It’s so severe… It’s not like they were caught doing drugs or killing someone.

-The constant criticism has been really sickening.

-Honestly, I was scared to take sides because it seemed like I would be attacked, even though I’m not a fan. Before being a singer, they’re people,. , The comments were too harsh.

-Seems like they got more hate than criminal offenders.

-People are just mindlessly leaving hate comments… I don’t even know what they’re angry about. If you don’t like the music, just stop listening, right?