Hayato Isomura and Ok Taecyeon Seal a Serendipitous Encounter That Blooms into a Decade-Long Love Story

Destiny takes center stage in the upcoming live-action drama series, Soul Mate.

Starring Hayato Isomura and Ok Taecyeon, this heartfelt narrative explores the profound connection between two souls who meet by chance and navigate the complexities of love over ten years.

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Written and directed by the rising talent Shunki Hashizume, known for his work on “Scroll” and “More Than Words,” Soul Mate promises a nuanced portrayal of love’s many facets – the joy, the pain, and the unexplainable bonds that transcend distance.

The story unfolds across the bustling cities of Berlin, Seoul, and Tokyo. It begins with Ryu Narutaki (Isomura), a young Japanese man who has left everything behind and finds himself rescued by a Korean boxer named Johan Hwang (Taecyeon) in a foreign land. This chance encounter sets the stage for a remarkable journey.

The series delves into the profound connection of soulmates. The idea originated from a casual conversation between Hashizume and the executive producer, leading them to the fitting title “Soul Mate.”

As the producer explains, “This is the ultimate destiny story, where two people from completely different worlds meet in a foreign land and their lives become intertwined.” He further emphasizes that the heartwarming narrative combined with the talented cast’s performances will surely resonate with viewers.

Both lead actors express their enthusiasm for the project. Isomura, known for his roles in Extremely Inappropriate! and (Ab)normal Desire, is deeply moved by the script’s portrayal of love amidst hardship. He commends the director’s exceptional work in crafting a compelling ten-year story arc and finds inspiration in working alongside Taec-yeon. The filming locations across Asia and Europe add a global dimension to the project.

Taecyeon, a member of the popular Korean boy band 2PM, saw this as a perfect opportunity to explore new horizons. He was particularly drawn to the character of Johan Hwang, with his internal struggles and complexities. To fully embody the role, he underwent rigorous boxing training to realistically portray Johan’s physical strength.

Hashizume reflects on the collaborative spirit that permeates the production. He marvels at the connection shared by the entire team, stating that “the time spent creating this story has been both challenging and incredibly rewarding. Everyone involved in this project is, in a way, a soulmate.”

Keep an eye out for the release of Soul Mate, coming soon to Netflix!