“Healing Couple” Lee Hyo-ri  Lee Sang-soon Posted Kissing Photo Taken Before Leaving Jeju

Lee Sang-soon posted several photos on June 29th with the caption “Perfect Days.”

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In the photos, Lee Sang-soon is drinking coffee, playing with his cats and dogs, and spending a relaxing and healing time in Jeju. Among the photos, one shows Lee Sang-soon kissing Lee Hyo-ri with her dog in between, revealing their overflowing marital love.

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori and Lee Sang-soon got married in 2013. The couple have been living in Jeju since their marriage and recently announced that they will move to Seoul from Jeju.

Lee Hyo-ri appeared in a video uploaded on the YouTube channel “JTBC HMS” on June 14th and revealed her plan to move, saying, “As soon as I decided to move to Seoul, I was really sad for a month. When I thought of leaving, every bird sound, forest, and sea seemed so precious.”

Source: nate