‘Heart Signal 4’ Lawyer Lee Joo-mi Faces Impersonation Fraud “My Hands Are Trembling”

On June 12th, Lee Joo-mi announced through her Instagram story that there has been financial fraud involving someone impersonating her. She stated, “There’s an impersonation scam in investment reading chat rooms using stolen pictures of my lawyer ID and forged resident registration cards. The amount of damage ranges from tens of millions to hundreds of millions of won.”

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She emphasized, “I’m not affiliated with any open chat rooms, and I don’t engage in any financial transactions, including investment solicitations and signatures.”

lee joo mi

Lee Joo-mi further explained, “Recently, there have been cases of people impersonating lawyers to steal legal fees. I’m currently assisting the victims in filing lawsuits. If you have experienced similar incidents, please contact me.

She revealed a forged ID card and noted, “All the information except for the date of birth is false and the photo is forged. My hands are trembling, so I can’t imagine how the victims must feel. I’m posting this photo with permission to prevent further damage. Please be cautious and alert.”

lee joo mi

Meanwhile, Lee Joo-mi first became known to the public through her appearance on Channel A’s “Good People” in 2019. 4 years later, she appeared on Channel A’s reality show “Heart Signal 4”, where she captivated viewers with her kind and caring personality.

“Heart Signal” is a program that observes and analyzes the romantic relationships of young men and women in the Signal House, ultimately guessing the final couples. In Season 4, where Lee Joo-mi appeared, two couples, Shin Min-kyu & Yoo Yi-soo and Han Gyeo-re & Kim Ji-young, were formed, but Han Gyeo-re & Kim Ji-young broke up. Unfortunately, Lee Joo-mi did not end up as a couple.