Heechul Exposed for Lying in Remark about NCT’s Haechan & Johnny’s Prostitution Rumors

Recently, NCT’s Haechan & Johnny got embroiled in rumors of prostitution and drug use, and Super Junior’s Heechul also got involved. 

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kim hee chul

As a result, Heechul quickly denied his involvement on the fan communication platform Bubble, stating that he did not have contact numbers for any of his juniors, including NCT’s Haechan and Johnny. The male idol also emphasized that he never met them outside of work. 

However, this statement of Heechul has been questioned by netizens, as park remarks of him revealed several lies.

In particular, in the past, Heechul has mentioned drinking with NCT’s Jaehyun, GOT7’s Yugyeon, ASTRO’s Jungkook, and BTS’s Jungkook at a bar he frequented – contradicting his claim of not meeting juniors personally. 

Additionally, Heechul also previously talked about EXO’s Baekhyun texting him, meaning that he has Baekhyun’s contact, unlike his recent remark. 

These contradictions have thus led to many netizens becoming suspicious of Heechul lying about being not involved with the rumors of NCT’s Haechan & Johnny.

Source: Krb, X