Henry’s Friend Kathryn Prescott Update After A Life-Threatening Truck Accident

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British actress Kathryn Prescott, widely recognized in Korea as Henry’s “Hollywood female friend,” has made her first public statement since a devastating accident four months ago.

On January 21st (local time), Prescott shared an emotional update via her personal social media accounts, detailing her recovery journey after being struck by a truck in New York City.

Prescott sustained serious injuries from the accident, which occurred in September last year.

The incident resulted in broken pelvis, legs, feet, and hands. In her heartfelt post, she recounted a touching moment from immediately after the collision.

“An anonymous woman, whose face I never saw, put this rock into my hand as I was being lifted onto a stretcher, She whispered into my ear that it was for good luck. When I finally got to the operating room and was being prepped for my first surgery, one of the assistants asked me what was in my fist. I realized I had been holding onto it since then without realizing.” -Kathryn Prescott

Expressing deep gratitude to those who supported her during her recovery, Prescott acknowledged the efforts of medical staff and loved ones.

“Thank you to that woman (if anyone knows who she is, please tell me) and to all of my amazing nurses, doctors, physical/occupational therapists and surgeons at NYP and Mount Sinai, Thank you to my sister for moving heaven and earth to get to me during a global pandemic and travel ban.” -Kathryn Prescott

She also thanked friends who offered support despite not being able to be there physically.

“Thank you to all of my friends for being there, without hesitation, and for sending your mums, friends and sisters when you couldn’t. Thank you to my hospital room mate for being who you are and for making me laugh, even when there wasn’t much to laugh about. Thank you to everyone who has reached out and helped in every and any way they could. From the bottom of my heart, thank you,” -Prescott

Additionally, she expressed appreciation for her hospital roommate whose companionship brought moments of laughter even during tough times.

Prescott’s post received significant attention from fans eager for updates on her condition. Many expressed relief and support upon learning that she is recovering well.

Prescott is known not only for her extensive acting career but also for her close friendship with Korean singer Henry Lau (Henry).

The pair showcased their bond on MBC’s variety program “I Live Alone” in July 2019 during an outing to Yangpyeong.

They previously worked together on the film “A Dog’s Journey.”

As fans continue to rally around Prescott during her recovery period, they remain hopeful for more positive updates about her progress toward healing fully both physically and emotionally.