‘Hierarchy’ Enters Netflix’s Global Top 10 Amid Lukewarm Reviews

“Hierarchy” officially enters Netflix’s global top 10 TV shows despite the mixed reactions from viewers. 

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Released on June 7, the streaming giant introduced the newest teen-mystery-crime series that gives viewers a glimpse of what it’s like to be in an exclusive private school where only the elites are welcome. 

Netflix dropped the seven episodes of “Hierarchy,” where rising stars Lee Chae Min, Roh Jeong Eui and Kim Jae Won play the lead stars. 

However, after the show’s release, the Netflix K-drama failed to impress viewers. Despite this, “Hierarchy” managed to become one of the most-watched TV shows on Netflix. 

‘Hierarchy’ Ranks 4th on Netflix’s Top Global TV Show

In less than a week since its official release, “Hierarchy” showed its dominance on global platforms by entering the daily top 10 TV show. 

(Photo : Netflix)
(Photo : Netflix)
(Photo : Netflix)

In a report by streaming aggregator service Flix Patrol, the mystery crime series ranked 4th, surpassing fellow K-drama “The Atypical Family.”

Interestingly, “Hierarchy” ranked first in 26 countries, such as Guatemala, Hong Kong, Honduras, Indonesia, Jamaica, the Maldives, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Oman, Nigeria, Panama, Peru, the Philippines, and more. 

On top of this, the K-drama also entered the top 10 TV shows in the US for the first time.

As mentioned, amid the current success of “Hierarchy,” the 7-episode K-drama has received negative responses, criticizing the drama’s plot. 

Viewers Slam ‘Hierarchy’ for Its Similarities With ‘Elite’

In a post on Reddit, netizens expressed their thoughts on Netflix’s “Hierarchy” and how it showed an uncanny resemblance to the Spanish series “Elite.”

Users get honest and mention how the platform, which is known to release top niche K-dramas, failed to do its job this time. 

Calling it “lackluster,” some viewers thought that the storyline was executed well due to “unnecessary scenes” that left viewers “waiting for the answers.”

On the other hand, others were disappointed with how the show turned out, considering that “Hierarchy’s” cast lineup was promising. 

However, at one point, Lee Won Jung, who played the supporting role of Lee Woo Jin, stole the hearts of viewers with his amazing portrayal of the politician’s son. 

Will There Be ‘Hierarchy’ Season 2? 

(Photo : Netflix K-Content)

Although it’s too early to tell, viewers are looking forward to watching “Hierarchy” season 2 after the finale episode left viewers with a cliffhanger. 

In the last episode, Jooshin High School introduced a new principal, played by Oh Na Ra. 

The previous principal, Park Hui Seon (Bae Hae Sun), was terminated for failing to cover up the damages to the school. 

In addition to this, the last scene, where Jung Jae I (Roh Jeong Eui) was reunited with her mother, suggests that the possible sequel might focus on their relationship as a mother and daughter. 

However, as of this writing, Netflix and drama officials are yet to confirm if “Hierarchy” will get renewed.