‘Hierarchy’ Episodes 5 to 7: Lee Chae Min Causes Major Changes at Jooshin High School

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“Hierarchy” featured the past and present at the prestigious Jooshin High School, starting with the controversial death of the scholarship kid and Lee Chae Min’s revenge.

In addition to this, he exposed the dark side of the academy, which involved the staff and some of the students.


A teen-mystery K-drama helmed by “Big Mouth” and “Alchemy of Souls” director Bae Hyun Jin, “Hierarchy” depicts the story of students at Jooshin High School who were involved in a murder.

Amid this, a student scholar Kang Ha (Lee Chae Min) entered the institution in hopes of uncovering the mysterious death of his brother.

‘Hierarchy’ Episode 5: Did Kim Ri An, Jung Jae I Patch Things Up?

Kang Ha removed the doubts of Jung Jae I regarding his true identity.

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As he continued working on his revenge, Episode 5 delivered Kang In Han’s background as a Jooshin scholar. He experienced bullying and harassment from his classmates, which led him to attempt to expose what he knew about the school.

At this point, Kang Ha’s secret was out, and all eyes were now on him, Jung Jae I, and Kim Ri An.

Meanwhile, Yoon He Ra teamed up with Jae I’s half-brother, who showed her the scandalous video of her friend.

Here, it was clear that her brother was the one who leaked the video, but who was the one blackmailing Jae I?

It turned out that it was the principal’s son and class president, Nam Ju Won, who got access to the students’ iCloud, and which he got from his mom’s office.

Meanwhile, at the farewell party, Kim Ri An and Jung Jae I arrived together and announced that they were starting over again. He also warned the people, especially Kang Ha, not to mess with Jae I.

‘Hierarchy’ Episode 6: The Team-Up

In the sixth episode, Kang Ha decided to team up with Nam Ju Won to expose the students and faculty at Jooshin High through the leaked videos.

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He brought them to the police station, and the whole school was under investigation for bullying, harassment, and abuse of power.

Meanwhile, Kang Ha was stunned that Jung Jae I was defending Kim Ri An from the violence at Jooshin High.

However, what stunned everyone the most was the person behind Kang In Han’s death.

In the flashback, In Han accidentally saw the affair between Ms. Han and Woo Jin. Ms. Han tried to stop him after In Ha warned her that he would expose everything.

However, an unexpected thing happened after Ms. Han accidentally hit Kang In Han, causing his death.

‘Hierarchy’ Episode 7: Kang Ha’s Confession

Authorities arrested Ms. Han, while an official at Jooshin High replaced the principal for failing to do damage control with all the controversies.

Jung Jae I also faced her father, who knew about her being pregnant. As a punishment, she would be sent to New York.

With all the changes, Kang Ha managed to stay at the school along with Park Tae Ho.

In addition to this, “Hierarchy” Episode 7 also introduced a new principal, replacing Joo Won’s mother.

Furthermore, Kim Ri An also came clean about being an offender, along with the other students.

In the last scene, Kang Ha confessed to Jung Jae I and was told that she also had feelings for him.