“Hierarchy” Hints At Sinister Scandal and Social Order Disruption at Jooshin High School

“I’ve taken a life.” This ominous statement from the Hierarchy trailer sets the tone for a series rife with intrigue and controversy.

As word spreads of a student’s demise, tensions rise and hidden truths begin to surface.

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Jooshin High School, a prestigious establishment steeped in privilege and concealed motives, is governed by Jung Jae-i (Roh Jeong Eui), the reigning queen bee, and her partner, Kim Ri-an (Kim Jae Won), known as the king.

Their authority remains unchallenged until Kang Ha (Lee Chae Min), a scholarship student harboring resentment, transfers in. His presence disrupts the delicate social fabric at the top. Joining them, Yoon He-ra (Chi Hae Won) and Lee Woo-jin (Lee Won Jeong) complete the exclusive clique of students shaping the school’s dynamics.

Director Bae Hyeon-jin underscores the meticulous world-building in Hierarchy, where Jooshin High School’s entrenched hierarchy mirrors adult society. “Jooshin High School prides itself on its unchallenged structure. We meticulously crafted every detail, from the aesthetics to the symbolism of the settings, reflecting the characters’ circumstances. From the venerable building symbolizing the school’s heritage to the staircases embodying its hierarchy.”

The trailer captures the tension between Ri-an and Kang Ha, hinting at upheaval when Jae-i expresses a desire to end their relationship. What repercussions will this have on their close-knit circle?

Combining romance with mystery, where every connection comes with a price, the series showcases a cast of up-and-coming talents poised to lead the next wave of K-drama stars.

Will Kang Ha attain the justice he seeks? Find out when Hierarchy debuts on June 7, exclusively on Netflix.

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