‘Hierarchy’ Star Lee Won Jeong Snubs HYBE 8 Times — His Shocking Reason Revealed

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In the glittering world of K-Pop and K-Dramas, it’s often seen as a dream come true to be scouted by a major entertainment company.

However, rising actor Lee Won Jeong from Netflix’s latest K-Drama “Hierarchy” recently revealed a bold and unexpected decision that has captivated fans and netizens alike.

During a recent appearance on the popular variety show “Knowing Bros,” the cast of “Hierarchy” shared behind-the-scenes stories and personal anecdotes. Among them, Lee Won Jeong stood out with a revelation that left many in awe.

Despite his burgeoning fame, Won Jeong disclosed that he had been scouted by HYBE, one of the most prestigious entertainment companies in South Korea, not once but eight times.

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HYBE, the powerhouse behind globally renowned K-Pop groups such as BTS, SEVENTEEN, and LE SSERAFIM, is a company that many aspiring idols dream of joining.

The opportunity to debut under such a successful label is a rare and coveted chance. However, Won Jeong’s aspirations lay elsewhere.

Despite the allure and potential fame that comes with being an idol under HYBE, Lee Won Jeong had a clear vision for his career.

He revealed, “I always asked if there was an acting department because all the sub-labels were focused on idols.”

This unwavering commitment to acting guided his decisions, even when faced with repeated offers from HYBE.

Lee Won Jeong’s dedication to his craft was evident when he said, “I actually told them to stop contacting me because I wanted to be an actor.”

From a young age, he harbored a passion for acting and wanted to grow organically within the industry. He aimed to start with smaller roles and gradually take on bigger parts as he gained more experience.

His commitment to this path was firm, even in the face of multiple opportunities to become an idol.

When the segment aired, it quickly went viral on social media. Fans and netizens praised Lee Won Jeong for his steadfast dedication to his dreams.


Here’s what fans are saying:

  • ‘Someone who’s clear about his priorities will definitely be sucessful.’
  • ‘Glad he made the right decision. Idols live a very stressful and unhappy lives’
  • ‘have so much respect. he is already the best actor, imo. when he says this again. ughhhh. may one day you will be where you deserve to be. gitew’
  • ‘WOWOWW but i’m so glad he rejected their offer and became actor’
  • ‘the idol industry is already over saturated and unless you’re VERY special, it’s better to just stay away lol’
  • ‘no idea who this is but that face card is unbelievable’ 


Many lauded his foresight and determination to pursue his passion, recognizing the challenges of the “oversaturated” idol industry.