‘History of Losers’ Webtoon Writer Leaves Cryptic Post Following Song Ha Yoon’s Bullying Issue

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The upcoming K-drama “History of Losers” gained the attention of netizens after the webtoon writer shared a cryptic post amid Song Ha Yoon’s bullying issue.

However, as the actress finds herself in the middle of controversy, screenwriter Kim Poong is frustrated seemingly on the issue involving the lead star.

‘History of Losers’ Screenwriter Airs Disappointment Amid Song Ha Yoon’s Controversy

In his Instagram story, Kim Poong shared a cryptic post, expressing his honest thoughts about the news.

I will go insane, hahahahahahahaahahahahaahahaha,” the screenwriter wrote, which made the public speculate it was about the involvement of Song Ha Yoon in a school violence case.


To recall, the “Marry My Husband” star was accused of bullying after a tipoff reached a media outlet, exposing the actress’ past.

In addition, previous testimonies about her resurfaced and spread like wildfire on the internet, sparking more accusations against the actress.

Other than the school violence allegations, Song Ha Yoon was reportedly forced to transfer to a different school due to bullying issues.

Song Ha Yoon
Song Ha Yoon Denies School Violence Allegations, Says No Recollection of Issue
(Photo : tvN)

Following this, her agency, King Kong by Starship, admitted that the actress “was forcibly transferred from Banpo High School” due to a school violence-related incident.

However, as mentioned in the report, the agency clarified that the incident has nothing to do with the “Crime Chief” report and mentioned that she has no connection with the informant.

We did not bring up her forced transfer record as it was not related to this issue. It will be explained when the time comes,” King Kong by Starship added.

Other than Song Ha Yoon, another “History of Losers” star was also embroiled in bullying issues.

Jo Byeong Gyu Bullying Issue

Jo Byeong Gyu, who had years of hiatus, has returned to the small screen for the sequel to “The Uncanny Counter.”

In addition to this, the actor will also headline “History of Losers” with Song Ha Yoon.

However, what prompted Jo Byeong Gyu’s temporary absence was being swept up in school violence rumors after a person claimed that the actor used to harass fellow schoolmates back in New Zealand.

Jo Byeong Gyu
(Photo : Jo Byeong Gyu Official Instagram)

At the time, his agency, HB Entertainment, shut down rumors and warned about their plans to take legal action.

As for the upcoming K-drama, Jo Byeong Gyu takes on the role of a freshman college student named Seo Min Ki.

Other than Song Ha Yoon, he will be working alongside Ryeo Un and Jung Ji Woo as lead stars.

Screenwriter Kim Poong also teamed up with director Kim Sung Hoon, who is behind hit movies “Confidential Assignment 1,” “Rampant,” and the upcoming K-drama “Chief Detective 1958.”